Looking for quality, affordable and durable maths place value resources?

Discover how plavalmat® can help pupils ages 6+ to develop a concrete understanding of a wide range of maths topics

Discover the plavalmat® Range

Concrete Maths Place Value Resources for Ages 6+

plavalmat range of place value mats made of natural rubber white rose maths concrete resources

Place Value Charts

white rose maths coloured place value counters. Place value disks made from recycled plastic.

Place Value Counters

Box of DOTS+TODS directed number and algebra counters. 50 white positive one DOT counters and 50 black negative one TOD counters


Why buy plavalmat® maths place value resources?

Certainly, all concrete maths manipulatives are essential tools to help pupils understand abstract mathematical concepts. But why choose plavalmat® place value charts, disks, base ten and algebra counters?

Most importantly because they take all the best features from others maths resources available. Additionally they are teacher designed and are multi functional. Due to this, children ages 6+ can use them to help them in lots of topics in school or for home learning.

The following are some examples of the areas of maths they can support:

Number and Place Value
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Measurement and Algebra

Furthermore the colour-coding used across the plavalmat® range matches those in the White Rose Maths and Power Maths pupil books and textbooks. Over 70% of UK primary and secondary schools use these schemes to help their pupils. Also many international schools in America, Canada, Europe and other countries worldwide use these resources in their classrooms. However plavalmat® resources can still be used with schools who follow other schemes.

But above all, Oakfield Learning‘s plavalmat® range are more durable and affordable maths resources than many others. School budgets are tight so unlike cardboard and foams resources that whilst on the other hand may cost less, we only use quality materials. As a result, plavalmat® resources will last longer than cheaper ones. For example the plavalmat® is a place value chart or mat made from hard wearing natural rubber. Additionally we use plastic in our place value counters, base ten and algebra counters.

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