plavalmat® Maths Base Ten / Dienes

Discover the benefits of plavalmat® Base Ten

Key features of plavalmat® Base Ten Components

Use with a plavalmat® as base ten mat

plavalmat® Base Ten is suitable for children aged 6+ to help them learn a wide range of maths topics for example:

  • Place Value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  • Volume

Looking for a BASE TEN MAT? Check out our plavalmat® range.

141 piece base ten set in box

Comes in a plastic storage box

In addition, our 141 pc Base Ten set components come in a handy plastic storage box.  Therefore it is easier to tidy away and keep organised.  Furthermore, it is less likely for pieces to get lost.

Also available to buy components individually

Made with durable recycled plastic for pupils ages 6+

We have specifically designed our 141 pc Base 10 set to have more tens rods and hundreds flats than other small/starter sets available.  Children can therefore add two digit numbers that cross the hundreds boundary and three digit numbers that cross the thousands boundary.

For example,
70 + 60 = 130 (this would need 13 x tens rods therefore the standard 10 x tens rods would not be enough). 

800 + 900 = 1,700 (requiring 17 hundreds flats)

Fun, Practical and Hands-on Learning

We believe that having interlocking pieces* is essential for children to see how each value is proportional to another.  

Due to this, plavalmat® Base Ten has a vital role in developing a concrete understanding of the following fundamental maths mastery concept that each place value is ten times bigger than the size of the last.  For example:  

10 ones = 1 ten
10 tens = 1 hundred
10 hundreds = 1 thousand  

* Ones cubes, Tens rods and Hundreds Flats are interlocking (Thousands blocks are grooved not interlocking)

Compatible with trusted Maths Mastery Schemes used by schools and for home learning

plavalmat® Base Ten sets are designed for use with our range of place value mats and counters that are colour coded to match the White Rose Maths and Power Maths Schemes of Learning.

Product Safety

Our plavalmat® products are tested to UK and EU EN-71 toy safety standards.



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Interlocking Base Ten Set 100 x Red ones cubes, 20 x yellow tens rods, 20 x green hundreds flats and 1 x blue thousands block and plastic storage box

Base Ten 141 pc Set

  • 100 x Red ones cubes
  • 20 x Yellow tens rods
  • 20 x Green hundreds flats
  • 1 x Blue thousands block

White Rose Maths colour coding
Interlocking ones, tens and hundreds
Plus grooved thousands block
Made from durable recycled plastic
More pieces than other small sets available

Ones Cubes

Red base ten ones cubes

Available in packs of 100

Yellow Tens Rods

Yellow tens rods

Available in packs of 10

Green Hundreds Flats

Base Ten Green hundreds flats

Available in packs of 10

Blue Thousands Block

Blue base ten block

Sold individually

Why choose plavalmat® Base Ten?

Without a doubt, Base Ten sets are an essential tool in the primary classroom helping younger children to develop a better understanding of numbers and place value to 4-digits (Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones). 
Also known as dienes, base ten supports learning basic maths topics such as: place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  In fact there are many other maths topics where older pupils can use base ten such as fractions, decimals and percentages, and also volume.

Our Base 10 is colour coded to White Rose Maths (though is suitable for use with all schemes). It is made using durable recycled plastic so will last longer than foam resources. Additionally our one, tens and hundreds pieces are interlocking which helps understanding of how they are proportional to one another.

Finally we are pleased to be able to offer our base ten in either 141 pc set or as separate components.


Does the colour of place value resources really matter?

In fact, yes it does!

As there are so many different colour combinations of base ten sets available, it can be hard to find ones that match those used by certain schemes of learning.  For example, it is common for schools to have place value resources that are in Singapore or European colours.  For instance yellow representing ones, green for the tens, blue hundreds and red used for thousands.    But when these colours do not match the coding used in the pictorial representations in the textbooks, worksheets and other resources used by the pupils, it can lead to confusion.  For instance White Rose Maths and Power Maths use the colour coding of red for ones, whereas many place value resources the ones are yellow.

Due to this Oakfield Learning has a consistent colour-coding across all our plavalmat® range of place value resources so all our place value counters, base ten and place value charts are consistent with those used by White Rose Maths and Power Maths.

Of course plavalmat® place value resources can still be used to support other schemes of learning.

Is this the best base ten set?

In conclusion, we think all the reasons mentioned above illustrate why plavalmat® Base Ten are arguably the the best place value disks available.  But if you would like to know what our customers think, you may also like to read some of our reviews to find out why they agree with us!

If we can be of any further help or you would like more advice or information about our Base Ten sets or any of our place value products, please get in touch.  We may be able to make customised sets so please let us know if you have any specific requirements.

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