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Discover the Benefits of our Place Value Counters

Are you looking for a more durable alternative to place value disks
made from foam or cardboard?
Read on to learn more about our plavalmat® place value counters made from recycled plastic

Double sided, embossed design

Unlike a place value counter that is printable or made from cardboard or foam, the recycled plastic used is more durable and washable* (see care instructions below).

As the recycled place value disks are 25 mm in diameter and 2.5 mm thick at the rimmed edge, they are therefore easier to pick up and use.

The design on printed counters can wear and rub-off with repeated use, however these disks are embossed and consequently will be longer-lasting.

Place value disks compatible with trusted maths schemes

The place value disks are bright and engaging and consequently pupils will enjoy using them to support a wide range of maths topics.

Our place value counters, like all our plavalmat® products, are colour-matched to be used in conjunction with White Rose Maths and Power Maths resources however they are also suitable for use with other schemes.  

Can be used with our plavalmat® place value charts

In addition to our place value counters  plavalmat® place value charts.  These maths mats are durable, flexible and reusable alternatives to teacher-made resources and are also available in different designs for children ages 6+. 


Decimal Place Value Counters with Fraction and Percentage Equivalents

Furthermore, we have designed our counters to also be used to teach fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents (FDP).  The designs vary slightly depending on the set as importantly each one is specifically tailored to meet the National Curriculum objectives specific to each age group.

For example, the set of place value counters for children ages 7-9 years has decimals on one side with the equivalent fraction on the back.  Whereas the counters for ages 9+ have decimals on the front with the equivalent fraction AND percentage on the reverse.

Boxed Set of Place Value Disks
Easy to Store and Keep Organised

In addition, another great feature is that the place value disks come in plastic compartment boxes.

This not only makes them more convenient and quicker to use, but more importantly means they can be put neatly away in their compartment box for future use.  Plus an added bonus is it is less likely for pieces to be lost. 

Products are EN-71 Toy Safety tested

Suitable for use by children ages 6+ sunder adult supervision and direction for educational purposes.  

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD SMALL PARTS – Not suitable for children under 3 years (36 months)


If you intend to buy this product for use outside the UK or EU, it is your responsibility to check these standards comply and meet the specific requirements for your country.

Choose from three different sets of place value disks

plavalmat® Place Value Counters
M > 0.001

Product overview:

  • Set of 400 double sided place value disks (40 of each value)
  • Made from durable, embossed and recycled plastic
  • For ages 9+
  • Whole Numbers – Millions, Hundred Thousands, Ten Thousands, Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones
  • Decimal Numbers – tenths, hundredths and thousandths
  • Equivalent Fractions and percentages printed on reverse side:
    0.1, 1/10, 10%
    0.01, 1/100, 1%
    0.001, 1/1000, 0.1%

plavalmat® Place Value Counters
Th > 0.01

Product Overview:

  • Set of 240 double sided place value disks (40 of each value) in White Rose Maths Colours
  • Made from durable, embossed and recycled plastic
  • Suitable for Ages 7-9
  • Whole Numbers – Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones
  • Decimal Numbers – tenths and hundredths
  • Equivalent Fractions printed on reverse side:
    0.1 and 1/10
    0.01 and 1/100

plavalmat® Place Value Disks

Product Overview:

  • Set of 120 double sided place value disks (40 of each value) in White Rose Maths Colours
  • Made from durable, embossed, recycled plastic
  • For ages 6+
  • Whole Numbers Only – Hundreds, Tens and Ones

Why choose plavalmat® Place Value Counters?

More product information

Concrete maths manipulatives such as place value resources are an essential part of the maths mastery curriculum. But when there are so many different place value disks in a variety of colours and materials such as foam, cardboard and plastic, it is hard to choose the best one for pupils to use.  Read on to find out more about our quality and affordable plavalmat® place value counters.

Teacher designed place value disks

In short, they were designed by teachers by combining all the the best features from other place value disks available which has resulted in a set of place value counters that are almost certainly the best available for schools and home-learning.  

Why plastic place value counters are more durable than foam or cardboard

For example, unlike foam or cardboard place value disks, the recycled plastic embossed design is durable and washable.  Consequently these place value counters are a quality and affordable resource that can be used time and time again.  This means that they will be longer lasting than cheaper alternatives.

Disks are thicker and easier to grasp

Furthermore, these place value disks are thicker to comparable plastic place value counters and therefore are easier to pick up.  They are particularly beneficial for pupils with special educational needs who may have difficulties with fine motor skills.  

Place value resources designed to be used in many maths topics

An additional benefit of our place value disks is that the decimal place value counters have the equivalent fraction and, in the case of the larger set for older pupils, they have percentages aswell. 

For example, the tenths decimal place value disk in the ages 7-9 set has 0.1 printed on one side and the equivalent fraction of 1/10 on the reverse.  Whereas the set for ages 9+ also has the percentage 10% on the reverse side. 

Therefore pupils can use our plavalmat® place value counters are truly multi-functional and can be used in a wide range of maths topics.

Consistency of place value colour coding

An additional consideration when designing our place value disks was that the colour of place value resources matches pictorial representations in the diagrams and charts in textbooks, worksheets and pupil books.  Due to this, the plavalmat® range of place value disks are colour matched to the place value coding used in White Rose Maths and Power Maths.  These are two of the most popular and trusted schemes of learning used in primary and secondary schools.

Here is an example to further illustrate the importance of the colour-coding matching.  For example, in the White Rose Maths resources, the 1 place value counter is red and the 10 place value counter is yellow, the 100 place value counter is green and the 1,000 place value counter is blue.  Whereas other place value disks available match the Singapore colours or European colours but as these are not in line with White Rose Maths, pupils may find this confusing.

Are these the best place value counters?

In conclusion, we think all the reasons mentioned above illustrate why plavalmat® place value counters are arguably the the best place value disks available.  But if you would like to know what our customers think, you may also like to read some of our reviews to find out why they agree with us!

If we can be of any further help or you would like more advice or information about our place value disks or any of our place value products, please get in touch.  We may be able to make customised sets so please let us know if you have any specific requirements.

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